Friday, April 16, 2010

The Sugar in Sugarla-la-la land

PFT! I'm so new at this its scary, but at the same time totally hooked. Wealthy older man who hand out handsome amounts of cash to pretty young things with a talent for living, i mean who wouldnt want this ?
Not to mention Financial Security and Great Sex on occasion ?

I've wanted this all of my life, My parents were both hard working middle class folks who did everything they could to make me happy. I was spoiled rotten and was sent to a well off private school off the coast in southern california.
I really couldnt afford some of the nice things, that friends i were making could and it was an issue that i couldnt really press with my parents. They had already done so much for me.
So i graduated from high school after moving to a new state (colorado) and began life as top ramen eating, and struggling college student.

After bills piled up and and struggling to keep jobs in retail, i decided to multi-task. I had a gorgeous friend named jennifer who was in the same boat as me.

Middle class, Struggling in college, Private School Education, except she wasnt poor.
She looked great and i had seen her wearing big name labels that fell well beyond the 800 dollar quota.
So i asked her about her fabulous life and she told me about the world of sugar and it's benifits. Needless to say i was intriguied, but didnt realize that these types of things take actually work. I really wasnt ready for this sort of thing and truthfully i hadnt matured or grown into my own yet

A year later here i am a brand new baby for the community!
With a Fresh new take on things:

So Lets introduce myself :

My name is Bambi Jennae
I just Turned 20 in March so Piscean blood runs through me rampant. I started off as a shy kid, but evolved into in sexuall creature of enormous appetites.
I'm Bi-sexual (so hello to all the sugar mommas out there)
I was never about traditonal relationships and and im a bit of a commitment-phobe

I'm not embaressed about my sexuality.

I've Just started dipping my foot in to the sugar land pool and so far i'm liking what ive seen.
Ive got 2 potential canidates right now.

Papi- 72 lives in cabo and is a sweetheart
Tim- CEO of software company

*More to come Girls, im off to school*

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Girls with dreams

Arent we all Girls with Dreams ?
Pretty Young things with the talent for living ?
I dont know what i want from this experience, I'll admit that I'm quite naive and navagating the world of sugar is black art i am adapting to.

I know I lack the certain black coldness that goal digging ambition requires but does this make me any less ambitious? I know what I want and my worth is beyond what any can imagine. A girl can dream of this one prince to come and sweep her off her feet but the truth is the prince was only a myth.
I find that I am commitment phobic and worse, romance-tolerant at best. Sexually i'm ripe and fresh faced an innocent.

AS a girl not yet 20, I feel like I know nothing yet. Does life start at 20 ? I feel like i havent started living. I want adventure, I want the libertine ,the art and the wanton.
I feel this blog is going to become a chanel of my growth.

After all i'm just a sugar in training.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sucess In Sugarland . . .

-Know What You Want WITH IN REASON-

Obviously photo's are going to help in that department as well. And can you blame him, the man's first impression of you is from a photo. So one really does have to take care in how to present theirself. Some of you ladies simply have a knack for wording, others ramble about and *drumroll please*, then there is me.

I'm not even sure what the hell to type. It sucks that your profile has to go under moderation five times out of ten but most of the time, that perfect eye grabbing sentance let alone introduction barely comes to mind.

At first i wasnt sure what to write, let alone describe myself. It came out randomly after about 30 tries or so.

so far i've barely diped my foot in the the vast yet shallow pool of sugarland. I've yet to see sucess but then again my butt is pratically a sugar baby virgin.

I'm pleased to see what my efforts in the near future might show.
Now im off to take some sexy pictures.


Looking a Sugar daddy of Caliber ?

All my life ive wanted to be spoiled outrageously and without merit. I'm 19 close to going on 20 and this blog is a means for me to share my adventures in the future.
I'm a sugar baby in training to say the least.

If you unaware as to what a sugar baby is -

Well she a young eligible female look for a unique arrangement/relationship/fling with a wealthy man of her choice who in turn spoils and provides for her financially.

It's as simple as that.
However finding the sugar daddy of your dreams ? Thats an entirely differently story.

Wish me luck